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Find the Pin

Try and find the designated pin in each image! 😀
Some may be hidden in strange ways, or ways that you least expect. There is a pin in every picture.
You may post these on your site but, please, visibly credit me with a link.


More to come soon!



I found all of them yay! Pretty fun!

Comment by connora

I should make like 50 of these. It’s pretty short-winded right now.

And thanks 🙂

Comment by Airea

you should make one for every pin 🙂

Comment by connora

Good idea 🙂 I just might do that, and order the pins from oldest to newest!

Comment by Airea

yeah 🙂

Comment by connora

I’m uploading some more right now!

Comment by Airea


Have you ever seen the movie Sweeney Todd? I just finished it 🙂

It was pretty bloody

Comment by connora

And the ending sucked.

Comment by connora

whoa the box pin was hard

Comment by connora

I asked my father if I could see it the other day actually… He said it was ‘too gorry’. But I see so many restricted movies nowadays…

Lol. ^^

Comment by Airea

My mom doesn’t mind if I see R movies, except Superbad, she just wont let me see it 😡 my dad is the strict one, but the weird thing is, my dad like seems to want to let me get Superbad, it’s weird… Anyways, it took like an hour to get gory, but from then on, a person was killed like every 5 minutes.

Comment by connora

Same here, I can’t see that movie O.o Except that my mother’s the stricter one when it comes to movies.

Comment by Airea

Woo hoo! I found them all! Cool page Airea!

Comment by Vrael 89

i also found them all!!!

Comment by pat97pat

Lol nice page, I couldnt help but noticing… Airea why were you and connora up at 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning?!!? are you crazy!?!?! XD

Comment by sushigal789

i only found the clover pin -___-

Comment by cphacker12

Sushigal –

It says that we’re up at 3am but we werent. i am like 4 hours ahead of WordPress time, so 3 am was only 11 for me. (I think)

Comment by connora

yay i found all but the box one!:mad: the fist time i looked there it wasnt there so i went on the answers page and there it was and i was like”whoa when did that get there!” then i looked back on the find page! I guess i need glasses!!!

Comment by Nothinbut

Perhaps I really should change the difficulty level.
It’s hard to tell whether you guys actually like them being this hard or not, though. 😛

Comment by Airea

I like them ‘hard’ but it’s really easy for me 😐 perhaps since I am kinda old. (well not child molester type old, like your type of old lol)

I found them all the first time I looked, but I mean, you can change the level if you want, your choice…

Comment by connora

Yeah. I should make bigger scenes then or something.
I hate it when people call me ‘old’. Even if it just means old compared to their age, not granny-old or anything.

Comment by Airea

yeah lol

even though 13 (me) and 14 (you) isnt technically old well, some people on here are like 10 years old, etc.

eww I cant imagine old grannies on here 😯

Comment by connora

Rofl XD
Let’s just hope we’re not too old.
On the other hand; old ladies, in their eighties, happily playing Club Penguin? Now that’s a different story. o_o

Comment by Airea

Wow, we were talking about the difficulty level of a Pin game, now we’re talking about old people. xO

Comment by Airea

eww thats a pic I do NOT want to imagine. when you say, well type, it, it sounds so much funnier.

i edited your comment.

Comment by connora

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