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Here you can see some videos I have made on Club Penguin.
I used Windows Movie Maker 2.0, and use effects from various sites over the internet.

CHEMAPEN PRODUCTIONS was the name of this page/my video productions.
I made some videos with Connora.

This video shows what I went through on Club Penguin, on a near-daily basis.
100% of clips in this movie are real. It only took 2 weeks to get over 200 clips of bullying ‘penguins’.


“In the End”
Yet another video with a song by Linkin Park. =P
This is a 1-minute or so animation about extremely harsh bullying.
This video may not want to be viewed by everyone.


A music video by me of ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park.
I loved experimenting with effects and stuff in this video. It was really fun to make.

“Picture to Burn”
‘Picture to Burn’ by Taylor Swift, performed by me, Airea. 😛
One of my quicker videos, took around 30 minutes.

“Club Penguin Trailer”
A mini Club Penguin trailer that I made one day.



wowah the first one almost brought tears to my eyes , your vidoes are amzing the music perfect, the trailer want me to go on club penguin right now!! thank you for shring your amazing talents with the world.

Comment by chilly1248

Nice vids! The first one was sad. I can’t amagine how sad you are on a regular bases. You got my prayers to help put a stop to this.

PS You should make a club about cyberbulling if you want

Comment by skamper36

nice vids. the first one is great. you really dont realize ppl bully eachother on club penguin so much. i cant believe how mean ppl are to you. you are so nice and all ppl say is fuck shes here. or we hate you airea. but you are so nice thats what i dont get. all you try to do is stop ppl from bullying. i wish you best of luck. i love your blog and i hope you comecheck out mine. amazing vids i love them sooo much.

Comment by kjpenguins

the bullying one is disturbing, but very powerful, and you do occasionally get bullied on club penguin.

Comment by webkinzclub13

Wow, I havent been catching up with cp there is a lot that I have missed. I was about to cry on the first Video. Airea you r the best! You are amazing, u make cool videos pics, nd graphics nd everything. You shuld be a web disnger or something. Seriously I need Help from you. I was thinkinq if yuhh can help me put stuff on my blog for club penguin I am really havinq hard troubles doinq it. I dont know what to do on it. I cant even put pictures on it or anythinq. If yuhh can can yuhh visit my blog at and send me a comment on all, the steps or yuhh can email me cuz that will be better to do visit my blog nd yuhh will see how uqly my blog is and yuhh can email the steps to add pictures and the top where it says aireas blog and all the stuff that yuhh do. my email adress is Or someone else out there if yuhh can also help me thank you!!!!!!

Comment by Imma456

The second video i was crying,

Comment by Imma456