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Pixel Pengs


In this section of the website, you can check out a couple pixel penguins I designed!
These penguins are totally different from any others out there: they’re 3-D! I wanted to redesign nearly the entire concept and make these unique.

You can order your own custom one on the Order page. Enjoy!


Black penguin with blue sunglasses. Wearing the pizza apron, christmas scarp, and the red propeller hat.

I love you! xD


Comment by A1 Human

could you go to, and make a FuzCubs please? that would be so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by webkinzclub13

Black penguin, Black Electric Guitar, Red sunglasses, firestriker(wig), Black Sneakers, Black hoodie

Comment by apu

Black penguin with red baseball hat, red suede, blue shoes, blue skarf, and the gold watch

Comment by blackey499